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‘Karu Haruchodhu’ – Transference of sins to a bull calf

Badaga funeral prayer :
Ever since I became aware of the verses of ‘Karu Harachodhu’ , I felt how nice it would be if these beautiful words could be given in English so that the present day youngsters could understand one of the most important and significant part (prayer) of Badaga funeral rites. In the process of translation, I interacted with a large number of community elders and in some cases, the very people who recited this prayer during funerals.
What surprised me is that NO ONE could give me the exact and complete meaning of these verses. Hence, the difficulty in the translation. May be this is due to the fact every word and sentence could be interpreted in many different ways. That, precisely, is what makes this prayer very special.
But one redeeming factor is that though some of the sequence and the wordings changed from village to village, the broad essence was kept in tact. What gave more satisfaction is the fact that in some villages, it was comparitively young people who conducted this prayer and they had no hesitation to refer and recite from a written source so that they did not leave out any part.
[For the original source I have consulted Dr.Rams (given in and Nakkubetta Monthly (1979 issue) and my own research]

Where I did not know or get the correct and proper meaning, I have just left them blank [dotted lines] and hope some readers will help me fill up the gaps in the near future.
In his book, THE GOLDEN BOUGH - A STUDY IN MAGIC AND RELIGION (1922) Sir James George Fraser (1854 - 1941) mentioned in Chapter LV ["The Transference of Evil (To Inanimate Objects)" ] the following :-
The following photo is from Paul Hockings's book
” Among the Badagas of the Neilgherry Hills in Southern India, when a death has taken place, the sins of the deceased are laid upon a buffalo calf.For this purpose the people gather round the corpse and carry it outside of the village. There an elder of the tribe, standing at the head of the corpse, recites or chants [known as - "KARU HARUCHODU"] a long list of sins such as any Badaga may commit, and the people repeat the last word of each line after him.
The confession of sins is thrice repeated. By a conventional mode of expression, the sum total of sins a man may do is said to be thirteen hundred. Admitting that the deceased has committed them all, the performer cries aloud, - “Stay not their flight to Gods pure feet”.
As he closes, the whole assembly chants aloud “Stay not their flight.” Again the performer enters into details, and cries, “He killed the crawling snake. It is a sin.” In a moment the last word is caught up, and all the people cry “It is a sin.” As they shout, the performer lays his hand upon the calf. The sin is transferred to the calf. Thus the whole catalogue is gone through in this impressive way.But this is not enough. As the last shout “Let all be well” dies away, the performer gives place to another, and again confession is made, and all the people shout “It is a sin”. A third time it is done. Then, still in solemn silence, the calf is let loose. Like the Jewish scapegoat, it may never be used for secular work.
At a Badaga funeral witnessed by the Rev. A. C. Clayton the buffalo calf was led thrice round the bier, and the dead man`s hand was laid on its head.By this act, the calf was supposed to receive all the sins of the deceased. It was then driven away to a great distance, that it might contaminate no one, and it was said that it would never be sold, but looked on as a dedicated sacred animal. The idea of this ceremony is, that the sins of the deceased enter the calf, or that the task of his absolution is laid on it. They say that the calf very soon disappears, and that it is never heard of “.


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rendered by Wg Cdr Bellie Jayaprakash

Just before the rituals of ‘akki haakkodhu’ & ‘Ole kattodhu’, the male members gather around the cot on which the body has been placed, the feet facing the east,on three directions with their right palm open and facing the sky, excepting east .

One of the villagers (earlier it used to be the headman or ‘Gowda’ of the village) then recites a prayer in which the sins of the deceased are transferred on to a bull calf thus purifying the dead.

It is known that in olden days, a bull calf was garlanded, holy powder smeared on its forehead and the hand of the head was placed on it. After the ritual, the calf was driven into the forest closer to the village, never to be seen again [no calf is involved now - though the name 'karu Harachodhu' - 'Calf blessing- is still retained for this ritual].

Interestingly, in the prayer, one of the sins considered is ‘reclaiming a calf’ involved in this ritual and using it to plough the land. After the first part, when the ‘headman’ lists the sins, the rest join to endorse by loudly saying ‘papa’ (sin).This prayer is repeated three times.

Original Version in Badaga ( I have changed the sequence to bring out contents in a logical manner)
‘Ayya Madha’ ( or Hethe Nanji – the deceased person’s name) Satha-dhu ondhu saavu,
[(‘Old man Madha’s) passing away is a demise],
Budhuvadhu (Buttadhu) ondhu, Lachchumiya Karu, gooli – Basava,
[Being released {into the wilderness} is a holy ox /bull calf called Basava, born of the cowcalled Lachchumi (Badagas name their cows, bulls and calves) { – after transference of sins}]
Arthiya logava buttu, marthiya logva nodhi bandhu,
[Leaving the womb [ birth ], and coming into this {material} world]
Marthiya logava buttu, mahaa(maaya) logava nodi,
[Leaving this world and going to the {next} big {heavenly} world]
Ther thirpthi ondhige hoppa-dhu, ondhu payana,
[Is a journey in a 'rath' - chariot with satisfaction].
Manisana katte, mannuga thiragali
[let the body {of a human} return to the earth]
Siva kotta sivilu semaga serali
[let the life given by the Almighty return to Him].
Muthe muthappa maadi-dha Papa
[All the sins committed by the ancestors]
Hethe Hethappa maadi-dha Papa
[All the sins by forefathers]
Thaayi Thandhey maadi dhadha Papa
[All the sins by parents]
Tha(n) thaniya maadi-dha Papa
[ All the sins committed by himself/herself]
Saavira munrooru papavu, Basavana Kaaluga booyali
[All the thousand three hundred sins, [let them] fall at the feet of [the calf]Basava]
Muthe muthappana maadi-dhadhu……{all assembled} Papa
[All the sins committed towards the a sin]
Hethe Hethappana maadi-dha… Papa
[All the sins done to the forefathers...sin]
Thaayi Thandheya maadi dhadha…. Papa
[All the sins done to the parents...sin]
[Notice the subtle differences, earlier it was the sins committed by the ancestors/forefathers/parents and later sins committed to them]
Maayi Maavana eradi-dhadhu [maadi dhadhu]… Papa
[What was done to mother in law and father in law... Sin]
Soseya sisiya maadhi-dhadhu… Papa
[What was done [ - carnal desire] to daughters in law & children… Sin]
Anna thammana agala maadhi-dhadhu… Papa
[Separating the brothers... Sin]
Kanda makkava kai ethi hodha-dhadhu… Papa
[Hitting the children of others (when his own are not)... Sin]
Midiya metti mundhi bhan-dhadhu… Papa
[Tripping {others} by stepping on the heel, to get in front... Sin]
Hacheya kitha-dhu Papa
[Pulling out {destroying} the green {young plants}..... Sin]
Barala baakidha dhu Papa
[Sweeping away {destroying} the dry {old}... Sin]
Hasiya kithu bisiluga haakki dhadhu Papa
[Pulling out the green {plants} and putting in the sun... Sin]
Hache asila sigatha dhu Papa
[Pulling out the green{young} and destroying by putting it in the sun... Sin]
Eva payiluna mova jilli dhadhu Papa
[Nipping the budding plants {pinching the cheeks of young}... Sin]
Bedha holava beralu thori dhadhu Papa
[Pointing with the finger at the field that is ready for harvest... Sin]
Thitta thevara othi-dhadhu… Papa
[Changing the boundary {mounds} of his land {for wrongful gain}...Sin]
Natta kalla kitha-dhu… Papa
[Removing the {boundary / fencing} stone... Sin]
Huttu hobbya hora thatti-dhadhu… Papa
[Removing the thorny bush fence to let the animals in (to destroy the crop)...Sin]
>Kattu hobbya kai haaki-dhadhu ….Papa
[Breaking a growing plant ...Sin]
Otti marava betti-dhadhu ….Papa
[Cutting the single tree {that gave shade}... Sin],
Kottagege mulla ena-dhudhu…. Papa
[Spreading big thorns in cow/buffalow pens {to cause harm}.... Sin],
Butta goolia utha-dhu… Papa
[Using the bull that has been released to the woods in an earlier funeral for ploughing... Sin]
Jannigeya karadha dhu… Papa
[Milking the cow that has just given birth to a calf... Sin]
Karava emmeya kannu ethi nodhi dhadhu…. Papa
[Staring at the cow that is being milked... Sin]
Annaga nanju haaki dha dhu… Papa
[Putting poison into food... Sin]
Arthu bhandha maga annava kodaa dhadhu… Papa
[Not giving food to the one who came with hunger... Sin]
Berthu bhandhamaga benkiya kodhaa dhadhu… Papa
>Dhaariya thoru endha maga, Kaada thori dhadhu… Papa
[Showing the woods instead of the road (wrong direction) to the one who asked for Dharumaga Maadidhamaga addalu aadha dhu …Papa
[Causing obstruction to a person doing good deeds... Sin]
Hangisi nudhi-dhadhu ….Papa
[ Using humiliating words... Sin]
Gangega uga-dhadhu ….Papa
[Spitting into the river {that gives drinking water}... Sin]
Haridhoppa gangega, happana elladhe erigi-dhadhu ….Papa
[Diving into the flowing river without loin clothes.... Sin]
Kattidha Keria odatha dhu Papa
[Breaking the [built] embankment of the well (river)…. Sin]
Thumbidha baaviya tharadha dhu …Papa
[Opening the [tank] well that is full {thus wasting water}…. Sin]
Uradha kichuga uche hara-dhadhu ….Papa
[Urinating on the fire- embers {that gives warmth}.... Sin]
Sooriyana mundhe, hindha selli-dhadhu ….Papa
[Baring the back - showing bare bottoms towards the sun (whom Badagas worship).... Sin]
Sandirana sarpa nunguvane nodi nithirae maadi dhadhu ….Papa
[Looking at the moon being swolled by the snake {eclipse} and then going off to sleep.... Sin]
Ora Kannethi nodhi dhadhu …Papa
[Looking with lust {bad eyes} Sin]
Hutti dha huttuga mundhe hallu giridha dhu ….Papa
[Showing the teeth {smiling} before the siblings with bad intentions (in adulthood)... Sin]
Maavana beethu macha eridha dhu …..Papa
[When the father in law is seated on the floor, climbing on the steps to the attic {thus exposing}... Sin]
Maaviyaa beethu jagali eridha dhu …Papa
[When the mother in law is seated on the floor, getting on to the wooden plank {on a higher level}... Sin]

Haava Gova koddha dhu ….Papa
[Killing the snake (other animals) & cow or buffalows (that give milk)... Sin]
Honji Onava koddha dhu ….Papa
[Killing {lizards & reptiles} animals.... Sin]
Hakkiya hidithu bekkega kottadhu ….Papa
[Catching a bird and giving it to the cat to eat.... Sin]
Ooru mele uri-dhadhu ….Papa
[Feeling jealous about the village.... Sin]
Nada mele jaradha dhu ….Papa
[Complaining (having ill feelings) about the region - naadu/seemay... Sin]
Aranmanega more hegi dhadhu ….Papa
[Complaining to the Palace {king / higher authorities}..... Sin]
Avarethu avare maadi dhadhu ….Papa
[If he had done unnatural things after adulthood..... Sin].

Savira munnooru papa hattaliyu
[Even if there are a thousand and three hundred (a large number) sins]
Butta basavana koda serali….
[Let them be transferred to the bull {that is being released into the woods – never to return] (The assembled people repeat the last word- Serali
Papa, parigara aagali…aagali
[Let the sins turn to good deeds ]
Karuma kadega thirigali…thirigili
[Let bad deeds be turned away to the end]
Dharuma dhariya budali…budali
[Let good deeds show the path]
Karumada mane kadha muchili…muchali
[Let the doors of bad deeds [house] be closed]
Dharumadha mane dhari budali….budali
[Let the House of Good deeds show the way]
Karumadha kai suringali…suringili
[Let the hand of bad deeds shrink]
Dharumadha kai nigiyali…nigiyali
[Let the hand of good deeds expand]>Athi pathi ondhagi
[Let the holy and pious join together]
Pathi parisanaga serali….serali
[let him join the that holy and pious gathering]
Saggadha hadi tharayili…tharayali
[Let the door of Heaven open]
Savundara nerayali…nerayali
[Let beauty and joy fill up]
Noolu paala bigiyali….bigiyali
[Let the bridge made of thread to the heaven elongate]
Mullu mora mettu kodali…kodali
[Let thorny tree become a stepping stone]
Heena gundi muchali…muchali
[let the depths of bad thoughts be closed]
Oona bae muchali…muchali
[Let the vicious/ harmful (foul) mouth be shut]
Chinnadha kambuga serali…serali
[Let the soul join the (place made out of) golden mast]
Belliya kambuga orayali…..orayali
[let it join the place of silver mast]
Uridha Kambuga thanayili…thanayili
[Let it leave the mast of jelousy]
Adhaa kadhaa ondhaagi
Kadhaa dhikkena thareyili
Andhu kotta Bramana paadha hiduthu
[By holding the feet of Bramha who gave this {life] that day]
Indu butta basavana paadha hidithu
[By holding the feet of the bull- Basava being left(after transference of sins) now]
Athigala aaru saavira paadha hidithu
[ By holding the six thousand feet of Godly saints]
Pathigala hanneradu saavira paadha hiddithu
[By holding the twleve thousand feet of pious people]
Siva sanna dhanaga sedhundu hogali
[Let (the soul) join the Almighty’s (Siva’s) Kingdom].


[Old man *Madha's] Passing away is a demise, [*name of the deceased whose funeral is taking place],
(and) Left into the wilderness [woods/forest] is a bull calf after transferenec of all sins [of Madha].
After leaving the [world of mother's] womb and coming into this [material] world,
(and) Leaving this world to go to the next big Heavenly world,
Is a journey in a ‘rath’ [decorated vehicle] with satisfaction.
Let the body of a man [human being] go back to the earth,
Let the life given by God go back to Him.
What was done [ill treatment] to the ancestors [by Madha] …..(all together).. IS A SIN !
What was done [ill treatment] to the grand parents IS A SIN !
What was done [ill treatment] to the parents IS A SIN !
What was done [ill treatment] to uncles & aunts IS A SIN !
What was done [ill treatment] to children & daughters in law IS A SIN !
Separating the brothers [and thus creating a division] IS A SIN !
Hitting the children of others IS A SIN !
Tripping [by stamping on the heel] to get in front IS A SIN !
Changing boundary mounds of lands [thus making one's own land bigger] IS A SIN !
Removing the boundary / fencing stones IS A SIN !
Pushing away the siblings IS A SIN !
Embracing the enemies IS A SIN !
Cutting off the single tree IS A SIN !
Putting big thorns to block [the way] IS A SIN !
Pulling out the green young plants IS A SIN !
Sweeping away the dry – old IS A SIN !
Pulling out the green and putting in the sun IS A SIN !
>Breaking the green and young [trees] IS A SIN !
Nipping the buds [pinching the cheeks of young with evil desogns] IS A SIN !
Using the bull (after transference of sins) for ploughing IS A SIN !
Milking the cow that has just given birth IS A SIN !
Staring at the cow that is being milked IS A SIN !
Pointing [with the finger] at the field that is ready for harvest IS A SIN !
Feeling jealous about his village IS A SIN !
Saying ill things about his nation IS A SIN !
Not giving food to the hungry IS A SIN !
Not giving shelter [fire place] to the wet/frozen IS A SIN !
Showing the wrong road [towards the forest] to the one who asked for the way IS A SIN !
Being an obstruction to good deeds IS A SIN !
Using humiliating words IS A SIN !
Spitting into [polluting] the river IS A SIN !
Diving/bathing/swimming in the flowing river without any loin clothes IS A SIN !
Urinating on the fire burning embers [that gives warmth] IS A SIN !
Baring one’s back towards the Sun IS A SIN !
Sleeping after looking at the moon being swallowed by the snake [eclipse] IS S SIN !
Looking [side ways] with lust [at women] IS A SIN !
Smiling at the siblings with bad intentions (Laughing at the siblings?) IS A SIN !
Climbing on the steps leading to the attic when father in law is seated on the floor IS A SIN !
Getting on to the wooden plank [at a higher level] when mother in law is seated on the floor IS A SIN !
Killing [harmless] snakes and cows IS A SIN !
Killing lizards and other replites IS A SIN !
Catching a bird and giving it to a cat IS A SIN !
Putting poison into food IS A SIN !
Complaining to the Palace [against others] IS A SIN !
Even if there are a thousand and three hundred sins,
Let them be transferred on to the bull calf [that is being released into the woods [forest].
Let the sins turn to good deeds.
Let bad deeds be turned away.
Let good deeds show the path.
Let the doors of hell (bad-deeds house) be closed.
Let the house of good deeds show the way.
Let the hands of bad deeds shrink.
Let the hands of good deeds grow.
Let pious and holy -’athi pathi’ come together,
(and) Let him go and join the pious and holy – ‘pathi parisanga’.
Let the door of Heaven be open.
Let beauty [and joy] fill up.
Let the pit of bad thoughts be closed.
Let the vicious mouth be closed.
Let it [soul] join the golden mast.
Let it enjoin the silver mast.Holding the Feet of God – Bramaha who gave this life,
Holding the feet of Bull-Calf being released now,
Holding the six thousand feet of pious – ‘Athigal’,
Holding the twelve thousand feet of holy – ‘Pathigal’,
Let the Soul join the Almighty Siva’s Kingdom !

English version given in E Thurston’s Book ‘Castes and Tribes of South India’ published in 1909

This is the death of Andi,
In his memory the calf of the cow Belle has been set free.
From this world to the other,
He goes in a car.
Everything the man did in this world,
All the sins committed by his ancestors,
All the sins committed by his forefathers,
All the sins committed by his parents,
All the sins committed by himself.
The enstranging of brothers,
Shifting the boundary line,
Encroaching on a neighbour’s land by removing the hedge,
Driving away brothers and sisters,
Cutting the kalli tree stealthily,
Cutting the mulli tree outside his boundary.
Dragging the thorny branches of kotte tree,
Sweeping with a broom,
Splitting green branches,
Telling lies,
Uprooting seedlings,
Plucking growing plants and throwing them in sun,
Giving away birds to to cats,
Troubling the poor and cripples,
Throwing refuse water in front of the sun,
Going to sleep after seeing the eclipse of the moon,
Looking enviously at a buffalo yielding an abundance of milk,
Being jealous of the good crops of others,
Removing boundary stones,
Using a calf set free at the funeral,
Urinating on burning embers,
Polluting water with dirt,
Ingratitude to the priest,
Carrying tales to the higher authorities,
Poisoning the food,
Not feeding a hungry person,
Not giving fire to one half frozen,
Killing snakes and cows,
Killing lizards and blood suckers,
Showing a wrong path,
Gettting on the cot, and allowing father-in-law to sleep on the ground,
Sitting on a raised verandah, and driving thence his mother-in-law,
Going against natural instincts,
Troubling daughters-in-law,
Breaking open lakes,
Breaking open reservoirs of water,
Being envious of the prosperity of other villages,
Getting angry with people,
Misleading travelers in the forest,
Though there be three hundred such sins,
Let them all go with the calf set free to-day.
May the sins be completely removed !
May the sins be forgiven !
May the doors of heaven be open !
May the doors of hell be closed !
May the hand of charity be extended !
May the wicked hand be shriveled !
May the door open suddenly !
May beauty or splendour prevail everywhere !
May the hot pillar be cooled !
May the thread bridge become light !
May the pit of perdition be closed !
May he reach the golden pillar !
Holding the feet of the six thousand Athis,
Holding the feet of twelve thousand Pathis,
Holding the feet of Brahma,
Holding the feet of calf set free to-day,
May he reach the abode of Siva !
So mote it be.
Listen to the prayer here  Badaga Funeral Prayer by bjaypee

Karu haruchchOdhu
(For easy translitration)
ayya Maadha  ( Heththe Nanji ) Saththadhu ondhu saavu,
Buduvadhu (Buttadhu) ondhu, (Lachchumiya Karu), gooLi  Basava,
arththiya lOgava buttu, marththiya lOgava NOdi bandhu,
Marthiya lOgava buttu, maaya lOgava nOdi,
ThEr thirurpthi ondhige hOppadhu, ondhu payaNa,

Manisana katte, maNNuga thiragali
Siva kotta sivilu semaga serali

Muththe muththappa maadi-dha Paappa
Hethe Hethappa maadidha Paappa
Thaayi Thandheya maadidha Paappa
Thaa thaniya maadidha Paappa
Saavira munnooru paappavu, Basavana Kaaluga booyali

Muththe muththappana maadidhadhu..........  {kOraS} Paappa
Heththe Heththappana maadidha.........  Paappa
Thaayi Thandheya maadidha.........Paappa
Maayi Maavana eradidhadhu [maadidhadhu].........Paappa
Soseya sisiya maadidhadhu.........Paappa
aNNa thammana agala maadidhadhu.............Paappa
Kanda makkava kai eththi hodadhadhu  Papa
Midiya metti mundhi bandhadhu..........Paappa

Hachcheya kiththadhu.......... Paappa
Barala baakkidhadhu...........Paappa
Hasiya kiththu bisiluga haakkidhadhu........ Paappa
Hachche asila sigaththadhu........ Paappa

Eva payiluna mOva jiLLidhadhu....... Paappa
BEdha holava beralu thOridhadhu (thOrichchadhu).......... Paappa
Thitta thevara odaththadhu........Paappa
Natta kalla kiththadhu........Paappa
Huttu hobbaya hora thattidhadhu.......Paappa
Kattu hobbaya kai haakkidhadhu......Paappa
Otti marava bettidhadhu............Paappa
Kottageya muLLa enadhadhu........ Paappa

Butta gooLia uththadhu........  Paappa
Jannigeya karadhadhu........Paappa

Karava emmeya kaNNu eththi nodidhadhu..........Paappa
annaga nanju haakkidhadhu.........Paappa
arththu bhandha maga annava kodaadhadhu.........Paappa
Berththu bhandhamaga benkkiya kodaa dhadhu.........Paappa
Dhaariya thOru(thOrchchu) endha maga, Kaada thOridhadhu(thOrchchidhadhu)........Paappa
Dharuma Maadidhamaga addalu aadhadhu......... Paappa

Hangisi nudidhadhu.......Paappa
Gangega ugidhadhu.......Paappa

HaridhOppa gangega, happaNa illaadhe erigidhadhu.......Paappa
Kattidha Keria odaththadhu....... Paappa

Thumbidha baaviya tharadhadhu......Paappa
Uradha kichchuga uchche horadhadhu........Paappa
Sooriyanu mundhe, hinda sellidhadhu......Paappa
sandhirana sarppa nunguvane nOdi niththirae maadidhadhu......Paappa

Ora KaNNeththi nOdidhadhu........Paappa
Hutti dha huttuga mundhe hallu giridhadhu......Paappa
Maavana beeththu machcha Eridhadhu.......Paappa
Maaviyaa beeththu jagaLi Eridhadhu........Paappa

Haava GOva kodhdhadhu..........Paappa
Onji ONava kodhdhadhu......Paappa
Hakkiya(hakkila) hidthithu bekkega kottadhu.....Paappa

Uru mele uridhadhu......Paappa
Naadu mele jaradhadhu.......Paappa
araN manega more hegidhadhu......Paappa
avareththu avare maadidhadhu........Paappa

Saavira munnooru paappa hattaleyu,

Butta basavana kOda sErali.......sErali
Paappa, parigaara aagali........ aagali
Karuma kadega thirigali........thirigili
Dharuma dhaariya budali...... budali
[Karumadha mane kadha(hadi) muchili........ muchali
Dharumadha mane dhaari budali......budali]
Karumadha kai suringili..... suringili
Dharumadha kai nigiyali....... nigiyali

aththi paththi ondhaagi,

Paththi parisangaga sErali....sErali
Saggadha hadi tharayili...... tharayali
Savundhara nerayali....... nerayali
Noolu paala beegiyali......beegiyali
MuLLu mora mettu kodali....... kodali
Heena gundi muchchali........ muchchali
Una bae muchchali...... muchchali
Chinnadha kambuga sErali........ sErali
BeLLiya kambuga orayali....orayali
Uridha Kambu thaNayili......thaNayili
Adhaa kaadhaa ondhaagi
Kaadhaa dhikkuna thOrali

andhu kotta Biramana paadhava hiduththu
indhu butta basavana paadhava hidiththu
athigaLa aaru saavira paadha hidiththu
PathigaLa hanneradu saavira paadha hidiththu
Siva sanna dhaga sEdhundu hOgali

கரு ஹருச்சோது

அய்ய மாத ( ஹெத்தெ நஞ்சி ) ஸத்தது ஒந்து சாவு,
புடுவது (புட்டது) ஒந்து, (லச்சுமிய கரு), கூளி பசவ,
அர்த்திய லோகவ புட்டு, மர்த்திய லோகவ நோடி பந்து,
மர்திய லோகவ புட்டு, மாய லோகவ நோடி,
தேர் திருப்தி ஒந்திகே ஹோப்பது, ஒந்து பயண,

மனிசன கட்டே, மண்ணுக திரகலி
ஸிவ கொட்ட சிவிலு செமக செரலி

முத்தெ முத்தப்ப மாடித பாப்ப
ஹெத்தெ ஹெத்தப்ப மாடித பாப்ப
தாயி தந்தெ மாடித பாப்ப
தா தனிய மாடித பாப்ப
ஸாவிர முன்னூரு பாப்பவு, பசவன காலுக பூயலி

முத்தெ முத்தப்பன மாடிதது.......... {கோரஸ்} பாப்ப
ஹெத்தெ ஹெத்தப்பன மாடிதது
......... பாப்ப
தாயி தந்தெய மாடித

மாயி மாவன எரடிதது [மாடிதது].........பாப்ப
ஸொசெய சிசிய மாடிதது.........பாப்ப

அண்ண தம்மன அகல மாடிதது.............பாப்ப
கண்ட மக்கவ கை எத்தி ஹொடதது..........பாப்ப

மிடிய மெட்டி முந்தி பந்தது..........பாப்ப

ஹச்செய கித்தது.......... பாப்ப
பரல பாக்கிதது...........பாப்ப
ஹசிய கித்து பிசிலுக ஹாக்கிதது........ பாப்ப
ஹச்செ அசில சிகத்தது........ பாப்ப

ஏவ பயிலுன மோவ ஜிள்ளிதது....... பாப்ப
பேத ஹொலவ பெரலு தோரிதது (தோரிச்சது).......... பாப்ப

திட்ட தெவர ஒடத்தது........பாப்ப
நட்ட கல்ல கித்தது........பாப்ப

ஹுட்டு ஹொப்பய ஹொர தட்டிதது.......பாப்ப
கட்டு ஹொப்பய கை ஹாக்கிதது......பாப்ப
ஓட்டி மரவ பெட்டிதது............பாப்ப
கொட்டகெய முள்ள எனதது........ பாப்ப

புட்ட கூளிய உத்தது........ பாப்ப
ஜன்னிகெய கரதது........பாப்ப

கரவ எம்மெய கண்ணு எத்தி நொடிதது..........பாப்ப
அன்னக நஞ்சு ஹாக்கிதது.........பாப்ப
அர்த்து பந்த மக அன்னவ கொடாதது.........பாப்ப
பெர்த்து பந்தமக பெங்க்கிய கொடா தது.........பாப்ப
தாரிய தோரு(தோர்ச்சு) எந்த மக, காட தோரிதது(தோர்ச்சிதது)........பாப்ப
தரும மாடிதமக அட்டலு ஆதது......... பாப்ப

ஹங்கிசி நுடிதது.......பாப்ப
கங்கெக உகிதது.......பாப்ப

ஹரிதோப்ப கங்கெக, ஹப்பண இல்லாதெ எரிகிதது.......பாப்ப
கட்டித கெரிய ஒடத்தது....... பாப்ப

தும்பித பாவிய தரதது......பாப்ப
ஊரத கிச்சுக உச்செ ஹொரதது........பாப்ப

ஸூரியனு முந்தே, ஹிண்ட செல்லிதது......பாப்ப
சந்திரன சர்ப்ப நுங்குவனே நோடி நித்திரே மாடிதது......பாப்ப

ஓர கண்ணெத்தி நோடிதது........பாப்ப
ஹுட்டி த ஹுட்டுக முந்தே ஹல்லு கிரிதது......பாப்ப

மாவன பீத்து மச்ச ஏரிதது.......பாப்ப
மாவியா பீத்து ஜகளி ஏரிதது........பாப்ப

ஹாவ கோவ கொத்தது..........பாப்ப
ஓஞ்சி ஓணவ கொத்தது......பாப்ப
ஹக்கிய (ஹக்கில) ஹி
த்து பெக்கெக கொட்டது.....பாப்ப

ஊரு மெலே உரிதது......பாப்ப
நாடு மெலே ஜரதது.......பாப்ப
அரண் மனெக மொரே ஹெகிதது......பாப்ப
அவரெத்து அவரே மாடிதது........பாப்ப

ஸாவிர முன்னூரு பாப்ப ஹட்டலெயு,
புட்ட பசவன கோட சேரலி.......சேரலி

பாப்ப, பரிகார ஆகலி........ ஆகலி
கரும கடெக திரிகலி........திரிகிலி
தரும தாரிய புடலி...... புடலி
கருமத மனே கத (ஹடி) மு
ச்சிலி........ முச்சிலி
தருமத மனே தாரி புடலி......புடலி
கருமத கை சுரிங்கிலி..... சுரிங்கிலி
தருமத கை நிகியலி....... நிகியலி

அத்தி பத்தி ஒந்தாகி,
பத்தி பரிசங்கக சேரலி....சேரலி

ஸக்கத ஹடி தரயிலி...... தரயலி
ஸவுந்தர நெரயலி....... நெரயலி
நூலு பால

முள்ளு மொர மெட்டு கொடலி....... கொடலி
ஹீன குண்டி முச்சலி........ முச்சலி
ஊன பே முச்சலி...... முச்சலி

சின்னத கம்புக சேரலி........ சேரலி
பெள்ளிய கம்புக ஒரயலி....ஒரயலி
ஊரித கம்பு தணயிலி......தணயிலி

ஆதா காதா ஒந்தாகி
காதா திக்குன தோரலி

அந்து கொட்ட பிரமன பாதவ ஹிடுத்து
இந்து புட்ட பசவன பாதவ ஹிடித்து
அதிகள ஆரு சாவிர பாத ஹிடித்து
பதிகள ஹன்னெரடு சாவிர பாத ஹிடித்து

ஸிவ சன்ன திக சேதுண்டு ஹோகலி